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KYLE - The weaver

A scene from the novel Kyle – Im Kreis des Wassers: (translated)
[...] but then he recognized the Dark Mistress‘ daughter: Anans’Neith, the Weaver (his mother had worshipped her before she had found Ajym). The tree trunks between which the woman had squatted revealed themselves to be the creature’s legs. She crawled over him and the Quel’s daughter lustfully nestled her greedy body against his, embraced him, squeezed and pushed herself over him, around him – only to devour him immediately afterwards.

Michael t bhatty kyle 16x10 yurogomo mtb2019

Kyle & Anans’Neith, the Weaver – A scene from Kyle, part II, 2019

Michael t bhatty yorugomo sw 72dpi

One of the first sketches; the topic was inspired through the Jorogumo-video of Feng zhu.

Michael t bhatty kyle yorogomo bhatty 2019 v03

I experimented with the composition and the feeling of the scene.

Michael t bhatty kyle yorogomo bhatty 2019 v04

After flipping the image and replacing the character in the front, i decided to go with this composition.